GRE作文句式太简单拿不到高分?这些好用的黄金句式学起来 GRE冲刺 第1张


All these changes in China’s economic life have brought changes in China’s social and cultural life as well, many of which unwanted.


If productivity measures the efficiency of an economy, a measure of what an economic system produces is its gross national product (GNP), which is the current market value of all final goods and services that a nation produces within a particular period.

GRE作文句式太简单拿不到高分?这些好用的黄金句式学起来 GRE冲刺 第2张


Current wisdom says that (当今时兴的观点觉得)if you want a successful product, you need first to perform detailed market analysis, making sure that there are plenty of people who need the new product and that your entry into the market will be able to gain a significant share of that market.


Started at the turn of the century, 3M ( a giant American company) has been growing at a healthy rate of about 10 percent a year and it boasts of having 45,000 products on the market.

GRE作文句式太简单拿不到高分?这些好用的黄金句式学起来 GRE冲刺 第3张


An entrepreneur is someone like Tom Monaghan, the man who after brushes with bankruptcy turned Domino’s Pizza into the nation’s fastest – growing franchise chain.