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雅思写作口语提分最佳伴侣 考官观点语料库:城市 雅思备考 第1张

雅思写作口语提分最佳伴侣 考官观点语料库:城市 雅思备考 第2张归纳传送门simon雅思写作英语口语见解语料库第一辑

1.Reasons for Urbanization都市化

People move to cities in search of job opportunities

Cities offer greater employment possibilities and a higher standard of living

People migrate to cities from the countryside

Traditional activities like farming need fewer workers nowadays

2.Negatives of City Life现代都市负面信息

Life in cities has its drawbacks

The cost of living is higher than in rural areas

Some people d not manage to find work

Housing is usually much more expensive

Homelessness and poverty are common on cities

There is a gap between rich and poor

Life in cities can be extremely stressful

There are problems like traffic congestion and crime

Cities lack a sense of community

People do not even know their neighbor

Cities are sometimes described as “concrete jungles”.

3.Pedestrian Areas 步行区

Pedestrian zones in city centre can improve the local environment

Banning cars encourages people to walk or cycle

Many European cities have built bicycle lanes

Dependence on cars is linked to health problems like obesity

People who walk or cycle regularly are generally healthier

Pedestrian areas are safer and more attractive for both residents and tourists


城乡规划 City planners locate schools, offices, hospitals and homes in specific areas which are separated from each other. To what extent do you think the advantages of this outweigh its disadvantages?

都市化产生的难题/大都市的难题 The movement of people from agricultural areas to cities has become a major trend in recent years. What are the problems with this trend? Give your suggestions about how to solve it.